Blendtec® Designer 625 (WildSide+ Jar) (Pomegranate)
Blendtec® Designer 625 (WildSide+ Jar) (Black)Blendtec® Designer 625 (WildSide+ Jar) (Chartreuse)Blendtec® Designer 625 (WildSide+  Jar) (Orchid)Blendtec® Designer 625 (WildSide+  Jar) (Polar White)Blendtec® Designer 625 (WildSide+  Jar) (Sea Foam)Blendtec® Designer 625 (WildSide+  Jar) (Black)

blendtec ® Designer 625 Blender + WildSide+ Jar


Product Description

High Tech with Fashion Sense

The Designer 625 is engineered not only to perform—but also to fit in with your fashion sense.

Features include:
  • 3.0 peak horsepower motor
  • Illuminated, capacitive touch interface
  • 4 preprogrammed cycles
  • 6-speed capacitive touch slider + Pulse
  • Molded finish
  • Colors: Black, Red, Chartreuse, Sea Foam, Orchid, Slate Gray, Polar White
  • Dimensions: 7″ wide x 15.5″ tall x 9.25″ deep
  • Weight: 9.25 lbs
  • 240 volts
  • 8 Years Warranty

Illuminated Touch Controls

An intuitive touch screen with easy to see icons makes the Designer 625 more versatile and simple to use. It lights up with a single touch, shuts off automatically, and is completely flat so cleaning is as simple as a quick wipe.

Six-Speed Touch Slider + Pulse

Simply slide your finger left or right to control the motor speed for customized blending. Use Pulse for an added burst of power at any speed.

Preprogrammed Blend Cycles

No more guesswork! Four preprogrammed custom cycles enable one-touch blending perfection: Smoothie, Ice Cream, Whole Juice, and Hot Soup. Designer 625 Interface

Additional Information

Weight 4.2 kg
Dimensions 23.5 x 17.8 x 39.4 cm
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